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Our Services

We’re a one stop shop, any Graphics, Marketing, Advertising and Websites, we’re the company for you…if you want to Fancy that is.

Graphic Design

You think it, we'll design it (and if you can't think of it, we'll do that for you too.) Come to us and restructure your Brand.

Corporate Identity

We'll set up your brand and take it to the next level. From logos, company start ups, and ideas to manuals, we'll do it all.


Need to sell your brand to an audience? Then let us help you explain your brand with the most understanding way possible.

Company Stationery

Looking for the business necessities? We'll design Business cards, email signatures, company letterheads and more.

Website Design - No this is not a real site, but we'll fancy up your site if you need a nice fresh look for the new decade.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is getting people to find you online, with some work and refining we'll be able to find a website of a monkey bathing a baby crocodile....that'll be cool!

Social Media Marketing

We don't consider ourselves socially impaired, online that is, and we can market any product to any audience. So let us help your brand and/or product.


No we are not making rabbits, mice or hopping lamps, but we will rather spend our time helping people understand your service or product.

Video Editing

And roll em! Got the footage, don't quite know what to do with it? lets make an actual story from it and display your event or occasion with our video editing which we consider, digital storytelling.